Selective Conformal Coating Systems - Options

Enhance Selective Conformal Coating Process

Options for Conformal Coating Systems - SimpleCoat & SimpleCoat TR

  • Low Level Material Sensor - detects fluid level in reservoir.
  • External Pail - large volume reservoir.
  • Stand-alone Configuration - batch system with no conveyor.
  • Volumetric Pump - alternative to needle valve.
  • Multiple Reservoirs - easy fluid exchange.
Conformal coating system with volumetric pump and reservoirs photo
Conformal Coating system with volumetric pump and reservoirs.

Volumetric Pump ^

Alternative to the standard needle valve. Volumetric dispense technology enhances damming, masking, and fine coating applications. An adjustable flow rate allows for a finely tuned process. Fluids from 1 to 65,000 cps can be used.

Volumetric PCD pump and spray valve

Multiple Reservoirs ^

Easy fluid exchange. Manufacturing environments that change fluids frequently will benefit from multiple external reservoirs. Spray valve fluid can be flushed with a solvent and changed in a matter of minutes.

For processes requiring frequent coating fluid changes, optional multiple-stainless-steel-reservoirs are available. A fluid manifold is provided near the valve to make solvent purges and new-fluid priming as quick as possible. Due to the close position of the manifold, only a short length of tubing needs to be purged, thus reducing fluid waste and change-over time.

Conformal Coating Feature Multiple Reservoirs for Level Detect photo
Multiple reservoirs with Level Detect.